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What to wear!?!? Engagement Session Edition. Whimsyclo | South Louisiana Wedding Photographer

Oh. The hardest question for many people, even myself. "What should I wear??" I'm bad a dressing, that's no secret. My uniform is often a baggy black shirt and leggings, for comfort and because it allows me to mobile for sessions without worrying too much about getting my clothing dirty in this South Louisiana humidity. However, even if I'm bad at dressing myself DOESN'T mean I don't know what doesn't photograph well! And I'm going to share some of my real couples and what they wore to their sessions and why I adore it. I'll also share some amazon Affiliate links to items that I've seen over the years that I love. My first - AND MOST IMPORTANT - tip is to make sure you're wearing something you're comfortable in. The surefire way to make sure you look stiff and unhappy in photos is to not be confident in what you're wearing and how you wear it.

My second Tip is to make sure your outfit fits. Too tight and it'll show lines and may pinch and pull in ways you don't love, too baggy and you may look like you're not well put together.

Now, onto the more FUN tips!

Don't match in the 90s sense - both wearing white shirt and blue jeans. Instead, pick out a color scheme and go from there! Having one person in a pattern and the other in a solid color is always a good choice.

I also love soft colors, they always photograph so well and look good with almost every surrounding, especially outdoors with some amazing sunlight. It gives me all the heart eyes.

Movement. I make you move a lot for sessions, I like to give couples tasks so that way you tend to forget someone is there making photos of you and you focus on my directions - walk, bump hips, stop!, pull her close for a kiss. twirl. All the things that will allow any kind of clothing you have to move around, and lighter fabrics (tulle and chiffon, thin cotton, etc.) tend to really work well. Catching the wind and having a life of their own.

Match the season! I know in South Louisiana we tend to have two seasons. Summer, and fake fall. And we ALL want those pretty fall days for photos - trust me, I want all the fall days for photo sessions - but it may not happen. Don't try to force the fall look in September when it's still 90 degrees and the same for humidity. You will be miserable, and your hair and makeup with deteriorate in minutes. Or, shoot super early in the morning or late afternoon when it's a little more tolerable.

LAYERS! Layering clothing (vests, jacket and tie, cardigan, kimonos, hats, jewelry, boots) adds a lot of dimension and interest to the photos. It also helps with options as for what to do with your hands, pockets, items to hold on to, grabbing his jacket to pull him in close for a kiss, all make for great images.

Here are a few items from amazon that I've photographed before or have seen used and LOVE the way they look, to help with ideas and provide you with a place to buy them if you need! This skirt, I've had used and seen used SO MUCH and it never disappoints. It's light and allows for a lot of movement, and comes in several colors! This lace dress is always a show stopper. A lot of details but comes in a solid color, so it makes paring it together super easy.

If you're in need of a wedding or portrait photographer in Houma or South Louisiana, please! Reach out HERE.

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