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Jessica's Bridals at the Historic E.D. White House in Thibodaux, Louisiana

You know a bride is amazing when your kid comes with you to your session (I swear she's a great helper most of the time) and she's exclaiming "MOM! I just found BONES!! This is the best day ever!!!" and the stunning woman in a pristine magical dress just finds it amazing and hilarious But really, Chloe was a great help. South Louisiana was a nice 100 degrees the last couple months and I don't think this day was any exception (though there was a breeze and it did seem cooler than the typical 112 we were having). She held the fan for Jessica and helped carry things for us, and only complained about as much as you'd think an eleven year old would.

the E.D. White House in Thibodaux made a timeless backdrop for this bridal session and had the best sunset. And the trees! They were perfect and so very Louisiana.

And here's a blooper reel of my favorite tiny human helping cool off the bride.

If you're in need of a photographer in the Houma/Thibodaux Louisiana area please contact us HERE! I'd love to chat!!


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