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Our Favorite Tips from past brides.

Chances are, this is your first and only wedding. And if you were anything like me you had NO idea what you were doing. So for the last year we've been asking our brides their planning tips, tricks, and advice for future brides and their marriages.

1) Don’t stop dating just because your married! Laugh a lot and never go to bed angry!!

2) Don’t be afraid to NOT do tradition. I always thought the garter toss was weird and awkward, and I definitely didn’t want to sit on the best mans lap, so I just skipped it. Nothing was lost by it, and I didn’t feel weird on a day I’m only supposed to feel amazing.

3) Remember that your day is about you and your future spouse. Don't let the opinions of others affect your day.

4) It is NEVER too early to book vendors or buy wedding day items. The earlier it's done, the less stressed you'll be! 5) Buy a new Perfume just for your wedding and wear it on special occasions after. It’ll remind you of your wedding day. Try to find something classic that will be around for a while!

6) Do what YOU want and do let other opinions get in your way.

7) Stay true to each other and never stop dating each other.

8) We announced that we would be grabbing a picture with each table... the catch is, we will only take pictures while a certain ONE song plays, so everyone has to HURRY. It was SO much fun! Each table was standing, ready for us as they ran by. One table had shots ready to go for everyone. And we got pictures with EVERYONE, over 250 guests, in under 4 minutes. I loved it.

9) Don’t invite EVERYONE. Just the people you love and who you can still see being a part of your life for 10-20 years down the road.

10) Number the RSVPs! We had a few people not put their names on their rsvp, but I had numbered them and had a chart with all of the card numbers and names, so it wasn’t a disaster when working on seating charts.

And my absolute favorite piece of advice...

11) Be sure to have more excitement about the marriage than the wedding


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