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Meet Ash. | Houma, Louisiana Wedding and Portrait Photographers

Where do I start talking about my amazing second photographer and friend, Ashleigh.

It was a cool day in 2006... Okay, Maybe I won't start that far back. But that is when our friendship started and we've been close since. Honestly, I'm not sure how or when I decided she'd be a part of my business, I just know she started coming along to help me with my bags and keep me organized. And somewhere through that I gave her a camera and started teaching her the basics and giving her pointers of how to see and shoot like me. Fast forward 2 1/2 years and she's a massive part of WhimsyClo. She's the person who spends most of her time with the groom and all of the ones standing with him. She's an amazing groomsmen wrangler, boutonniere-putter-onner, and crisis manager (You'd be amazed how many times we've had pants rip in the worst kind of way).

She's super committed to helping your day be the best it can, from running down a sandy beach, barefoot, to retrieve a marriage license to fluffing a dress during your ceremony, she'll do almost anything to ensure you are happy and that her and I get the job done. So, to show my appreciation and love for this amazing part of my life and business, I'm sharing a blog filled with images of her throughout the last couple years of helping with weddings.

If you're in need of a Photographer for your amazing wedding day, please let us know!!! WE would love to be a part of it! You can contact us here


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