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Life as we know it now.

Things have changed a lot. I miss photographing every weekend. I miss gatherings, and weddings, events, and having something to look towards. I miss knowing if events CAN happen, how things will go, there's just a lot to mourn here. But in all of this we also got to spend more time as a family. We planted a garden, played games, cuddled a lot, learned to ride a bike, and just got closer. If that was possible, we were already a pretty tight knit family of 3. I'm sad about a lot, and I miss so much of how things were and I really want it to go back to normal asap. BUT I'm not sad I got extra time with my husband, child, and pup.

I documented some of Clo's doings in this time, and I'm still doing that (though I will admit I have slowed down doing that, eek). So here's a glimpse into our life and days.


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