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Let's learn about Marketing - WhimsyClo Photo - Houma | South Louisiana Photographer

There are literally hundreds of ways to market, and most ways have both their ups and downs. But there’s one tactic that I think we can agree that should be left alone, and you’re all WAY too familiar with it now that elections are mostly over. Bashing the competition. Other than politics I don’t think this has ever really worked. And I’ll be honest, I don’t think it’s worked then, either. I know every.single.time I hear or see an ad (or social media post *cough cough*) making claims about their competition that are negative it’s never changed my opinion of the offending brand for the better. And this is PROVEN.

So I’m going to touch on why and what you can do differently. 1) By pointing out your competitors flaws they will start looking more closely at your own product and see if your hype is adding up. And they will look much more closely than they would have without a negative post, since you’ve already put out there that you’re the better choice the customer will want to see how.

What can you do differently?? First of all, have some confidence in your product and your ideal customers discerning eye. If you’re better in the ways that you think you are, it will be apparent and your clients will see that. 2) You’re bringing awareness to your competition! Maybe people don’t realize there is more than one company offering what they’re looking for, maybe they’ll get curious and go looking at the people you’re trying to steer them away from. Either way, you’re letting people know there are options when that may not be in your best interest. How about you try letting your product speak for itself, and stand alone in your ads. Target doesn’t tell you what Wal Mart is doing poorly, they just let the customers decide and offer what they have in some amazing marketing tactics (really, who goes into target and spends less than $60 a pop, because I know I don’t.)

3) No one wants to support a bully. The landscape of business has changed. A lot. And I expect more things will change in the next decade. Something I don’t see changing anytime soon is that people want to spend money with a brand they like, and NO ONE likes a bully (other than other bullies who may be your friend, and that pool is pretty small I’d assume). So why would all the people who are seeing your ads want to spend money with someone as unlikable as a bully?

Try being nice, do kind things and let them be seen. Do some charity work and showcase that (something you believe in, we all have a cause). Let people know you have a heart and want to give back.

4) You can be wrong. By stating things about others in your industry you’re asking people to research it on their own and rebuke it. And when they do, they’ll lose trust in you and make sure it’s known. And remember, there’s no certainty in opinions.

Maybe talk about yourself and yourself only. That’s why people are looking AT YOU, right? Talk about what you offer, what makes you stand out, and showcase what you can do. Don’t ever bring another brand into your marketing.

5) When you bash others you risk making your customer feel dumb. Dumb because they like that other brand, that they’ve used it, or that they want to. These feelings will not have that customer opening their wallet and asking you to do that service for them, because no one wants to give money to a company than made them feel negatively. And if nothing else, people will lose respect for you and eventually the customers won’t come around. What can be done differently? Literally everything. There’s hundreds of ways to market. Buy a book. Google. Ask a friend. Just don’t be a negative bully.

This concludes my Ted Talk, thanks for coming, from your friendly Neighborhood, ( & family & wedding ) Houma and South Louisiana, Photographer.


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