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I did it, ya'll. I sucked up my insecurities and did it.

I did it, ya'll.  Something I dreaded and put off for the most stupid of reasons, something I'm super passionate about and completely believe in, something that needed to be done but I let my insecurities and anxiety get in the way. But I sucked up my fear and practiced what I preached. 

I took family photos. 

I know. Coming from the photographer that doesn't seem like such a big deal.  But coming from me, the busy business owning mom who doesn't have her 20 year old body anymore because she's, well, a mom, and eats her emotions - that's a big deal. 

I did a swap with my amazing friend and fellow photographer, Tasha Zeringue, and we edited our own photos, and I could not be happier. I think Chloe was 2 (maybe 3?) the last time we made time to have photos taken, and how she's 6. A lot has changed and I'm really so sad that I didn't have those years in between. 

And you know what? Despite being SO worried about having my photos done, I could not be happier, I am SO thrilled with what I was able to give our families for Christmas and the photos we have to hang on our walls. It also taught me how to be a better photographer, I took note of things I liked, wanted to do better, how I chose my photos and edited them. In turn, doing our own photos made me reevaluate how to give my clients better session and image experience, and that's led me to some amazing changes for 2019!   

So. With that novel written, now you can see some of the photos we took!    


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