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How to use your gallery - WhimsyClo Photo | Houma & South Louisiana Photographer

Yay! You now have your shiny new gallery for you to go through and choose your images!! Now comes the fun part, choosing your images. Depending on the package you picked determines the amount of images you get with your package. You can choose these by clicking the heart in the bottom left corner, and when you have the images you want ready, just email us to let me know and I'll start doing the more extensive editing on those images and make a new gallery for you when they are done. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the final editing time. If there is something in particular that you want done, just let us know! Not everything is possible, but I promise I'll try!

Want more than the images that comes in the package? No problem!! You can buy individual images or upgrade at any point. You can view those prices on the original proposal we sent to you. Now here are a few other awesome things that you can do with your gallery! HOW TO DOWNLOAD & STORE PHOTOS

Your gallery will remain active a minimum of 6 months, during which time you will be able to download or sync your images. You have a couple options when it comes to downloading: downloading in high resolution (print) quality and digital (social media/website) quality. you’ll also be able to sync your images with a Dropbox or Google Photos account with just a few clicks. All of these options are available by choosing the down-arrow icon in your gallery.


Before you share all of these images with your family and friends, there may be a few that you want to hide. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the image and choosing the "eye Crossed Out" image near the upper right corner of the photo. UPLOAD YOUR OWN PHOTOS

With events such as weddings it's often nice to have all of your images in one place! Your gallery comes with the ability to upload photos beyond the professional photos! Feel free to turn it into a collection of memories from your day. To do this you just share the gallery with your guests who may have taken photos or videos with their phones or cameras and have then visit the "my Photos" section of the gallery to upload. This option is only available for events and weddings.


At WhimsyClo we believe in giving you the rights to print your images, This means you can print them anywhere (though we have a few places we recommend, and are not held responsible for poor printing at any lab.). Though to guarantee amazing images and to make the process easier, your gallery provides you with the option to print through us. I always recommend purchasing your prints from us as we are calibrated to the lab we use and their quality is much better than the others you may go through. If you choose to print on your own, we recommend or before other labs.


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