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Brace yourselves, Fall Weather is Coming.

With the start of the new school year I realized how fast time is going. This summer was a blink, and I know, as I get older my perception of time changes and blah blah blah. All that fun stuff that makes you realize how little time we really have and how fast our little ones grow and how much we really have to do. Which is why I'm going to change some things. This fall my time is PRECIOUS. And while I want to help and photograph I know that I cannot, and since my business is centered around weddings my weekends are even more full. If you're wanting a family session, GET WITH ME NOW. I'm blocking out schedule dates, mini dates, and days off this week, and after that it's set.

Also. I have a second grader! And in a few weeks she'll be off to college (see, my perception of time is already crazy in my old age) and I just can't waste these days with the people I work so hard for.

I AM planning 3 mini dates, One in October, One in November, and One in early December. I don't think we'll do a set this year, just a day of family sessions in a beautiful, outdoor location. IF a set is something you really really really want, TELL ME. I'll work on it, but as of now it'll just be small family sessions.

This blog is just a small update and to show off a snippet of my daughters 7 year session at the beach last week. More will come later, I promise. But the take away is book asap if you want bridals, engagements, or a family session. I want to help everyone, but there's only so much time.


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